h026 Somnambulant's Still Asleep by Children of ROYGBIV

A4 book 48 pages (written in JP/ENG) Captainhowdie's new color cover art, b/w comics and haunted something by COROYGBIV.

A4 48ページ テキストは日本語と英語両方あります

"I think a good horror will make you realize how good it is to be alive. Also realistic horror that feels dreadful and hopeless but still can save yourself, such as the donkey scene in Pinocchio.

Makes you realize there are horrible things happening in the world but sometimes you can't stop it yourself and can only save yourself...despair horror."




  1. Introduction -When The Colourful Shadows Fall- 色鮮やかな影が伸びる時
  2. Revised DOKIDOKI DE RANFREN -interview with Captainhowdie- from FEECO vol.1 『FEECO』Vol.1掲載記事復刻 (インタビュー部分はWEB上にアップロードしているものと同内容です)
  3. (UN) REAL LUCID ITEMS -おもしろおもちゃ大集合
  4. Skipping to Twilight Nihil -automatic speaking by Captainhowdie- Captainhowdieによる創作についての自動筆記的発言
  5. Unverified Guide to Lucids of Ranfren lucid of Randal's Friends (Ranfren, ランフレン)エピソード紹介
  6. A specially lucid、”Home Is Where The Hurt Is" by Captainhowdie 『Ranfren』描きおろしlucid

Captainhowdie:spiritual vibes, all art, (uncanny)text, dark things at Walmart
Yu Hirayama : translation, (uncanny)text, layout
yoresucker : ghostly advice, cover design help
Matsuaki : editing help

Dedicated to the souls of B and B? : they make you contemplate the question that must be answered: silence, sleep, and where dreams go when you die.

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