h025  The Dreams' Interval from Children Of ROYGBIV

covers by captainhowdie

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The zine will be on sale at COMITIA 145, an indie-comic exhibition event in Tokyo in 3rd September 2023. 2023年9/3 COMITA145にて販売予定 (こ14aスペース)

A handmade zine around 24 pages written in JP/ENG. Essays about supernatural and horror fiction etc., Captainhowdie's haunting covers and newly b/w comic (2 pages). 
幻想文学、ノスタルジー、夢的創作についてのエッセイ集。ハンドメイド冊子(全24ページ) 日英併記

What Color Is Your Nosebleed? (Randal's Friendsの不確かな詳細、思い出されたヒント、露骨な出来事の簡単な概要、captainhowdie描きおろしマンガ2ページ)
DIDDY KONG RACIN - from Randal's creepypasta (翻訳:『ディディーコングレーシン』)
The Sun Is Leaving Us All - Arthur Machen and his dream diary  (幻想文学:アーサー・マッケン)
Walking Like A Shadow - Highly opinionated guide to someone’s dream (誰かに捧ぐ夢的創作図録)
The Glasses That Has No Frames And Lenses - Fundamental Nostalgia  (エッセイ:ファンダメンタル・ノスタルジア)

Dedicate this zine to captainhowdie, and the souls of Randal Ivory & his family, friends and unfortunate tad rats.  They are not sleeping and neither can they wake up.  May they dream happily. This is the intermission of Suikazura's hauntological trilogy.

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