h023  Philosophy of Poisonous Porcupine

Will Release 15th Dec. 2020.)

CDr with an insert (around 40 copies)
You will be able to get digital files and purchase CDr from Bandcamp

music by Shu Nanno, Rokudai Tanaka, YH, Sinister Senile, Andor, Aaron Dylan Kearns and Cellophane Company
1.Andor - Space Voyage
2.YH - Sucking Up
3.Aaron Dylan Kearns - Something Must Break
4.Sin Phony in a Mine Ore - 10_2_20, 9.51 PM
5.Rokudai Tanaka - よだれ (drool)
6.Shu Nanno - Rhythm of Life (Mix 1 - Longer Break)
7.Cellophane Company - Slow Day

pro. and design: YH

Dedicated to Les Disques du Crepuscule