Release 18th April. 2020)

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This compilation is for the Japanese independent magazine, FEECO vol.2. Nowadays COVID-19 has caused a global anomaly in the postal network. So I decided to sell PDFs of" just the English articles" from the magazine (there are some exceptions). I need the music to sell the articles at bandcamp.
So it comes with songs by our friends Peat Bog (Earthmonkey, Nurse With Wound), Andor, and the Peculiar Rock Band.

The physical copy has a DL code for this compilation, those who buy the magazine in the future don't have to buy this right now.

1 .
Earthmonkey-Oramorph Elevator-QMU4W1900003

2 Andor-Seven Years (excerpt)

3 Peculiar Rock Band-Faking afternoon

4 Andor-Integration (excerpt)

5 Earthmonkey-V.B.N ( Vortex Braintank Nebula )

6 Andor-everything will work out

Dedicated to the readers of FEECO, people who live in crazy COVID-19 time