h020 captainhowdie / yoresucker Life Would be Wonderful 

19. 5/12発行 12th May. 2019 release

40 pages handmade zine by 2 artists has two sides which named "HEAVEN" and "HELL"
HEAVEN side : Captainhowdie
HELL side : yoresucker (sample is here)

SAMPLE video video video

A vague nostalgia. Originally , isn't it that way?  When a low-polygon or old desktop computer you know looks completely different, yoresucker goes out looking for a sequel to Ogre Battle Saga. Meanwhile, Captainhowdie plays  Mario Party 2 in his room where anyone call Heaven.
Once upon a time, these were like prickly thorns.  (from the liner note by Y.H)

With a liner note(includes a couple of Japanese translation scripts of Heaven-side) and a new catalog of label.
Will ship out in 5 days.  Send a message from here if you have question.

captainhowdie : official