h015  Voracious Vomit

17.5月発行予定 (Will Release May 2017.)

Fevrishly Stupid Collage, elektrik junk junk junk and hit songs!!!!

1. Love and Pop (not Anno)
2. Shock goat Shock
3. DoramatiK Morning
4. Megaton sometimes hang on
5. Rock n' Roll does not function
6. Swamp (Say Weeee Areeee Deaaaad)
7. The Dog Attached to the Rust
8. K - I wanna be your Cat (original by Spitz)
9. Jumping Kids Sideshow
10. Soshite Kouya To Sora No Aida Wo
11. I'll be your mirror (original by The Velvet Underground)
12. K - Love and Pop (reprise)
13. Love is Safety and Safety and Sporty

Performe:hirayamakun(M1-7, 9-11,13), K (M8,12-13)
Recorded by Kamura Studio
Dedicated to K.Shimamoto

10 copies only, 100yen + Shipping